Building Spelling Skills: Grade 1 Paperback – Teacher's Edition, February 27, 2002

Tác giả: Evan Moor

First graders will have fun while they learn nearly 200 spelling words in the Evan-Moor Building Spelling Skills, Grade 1 Teacher's Edition. Our 160-page teaching resource workbook includes multiple activities aimed at helping gr. 1 students learn how to spell words on the weekly spelling list. Additionally, grade one students will learn the meaning of each word on the list, as well as learning how to pronounce them. The spelling lists contain words featuring short and long vowels, present and past tense words, and plural words.


30 Weekly Spelling Lists
Our workbook is spilt into two sections, with five weekly spelling words in the first half of the book and eight weekly spelling words in the back half of the book, providing 198 spelling words in all

Practice Pages
Students will perform drills with each week s spelling words in many different ways, including reading, writing, spelling, sorting and using them in puzzles

Teacher s Reproducible Forms
Teachers can keep track of the students progress through a form to mark successes, as well as an introductory letter to help parents understand the program

Present and Past Tense
Spelling can be tricky for first graders, as they attempt to understand the different ways to spell words based on tense, and we have activities geared at helping them learn the difference

Short and Long Vowel
Many of our teaching supplement resources are geared toward helping kids learn how to spell words that have different vowel sounds