Building Spelling Skills, Grade 3

Tác giả: Evan Moor

You'll be amazed at the strides your gr. 3 students will make in their spelling skills throughout the school year after implementing the Evan-Moor Building Spelling Skills, Grade 3 Teacher's Edition in your classroom. Our spelling activity book introduces 450 different spelling words to third graders over 30 weekly lists. Grade three students will read, write and spell each word on the list, while also engaging in visual memory exercises, crossword puzzles, and working with the words in sentences.


Challenging and Fun - Third graders are ready to be challenged, and our spelling workbook will give them the ability to learn a lot, have fun and complete challenging activities, leading to success in all areas of their education

450 Spelling Words
- This teacher's spelling resource contains 30 weekly spelling lists with 15 words apiece, giving grade three students the opportunity to master 450 words by the end of the school year.

Classroom Resource
- It's easy to naturally incorporate the lessons in our spelling activity book into your classroom work, keeping all of the students on task

Multiple Types of Words
- Our lists contain numerous types of spelling words, including contractions, blends, compound words and words with silent letters

Engaging Activities
- Grade 3 students will perform spelling drills with our activity book, but they'll also use the weekly words in crossword puzzles and fun visual memory exercises