Building Spelling Skills, Grade 4

Tác giả: Evan Moor

Fourth graders are sure to record impressive gains in their spelling skills when you add the Evan-Moor Building Spelling Skills, Grade 4 Teacher's Edition to your classroom work. Our spelling activity book contains 540 spelling words split into 30 weekly lists, giving gr. 4 students plenty of confidence in their reading and writing skills. Our teaching resource book has a great mix of fun and engaging activities for grade four students that will allow them to enjoy themselves as they learn.


Easy-to-Follow Curriculum
- You'll appreciate how easy it is to incorporate the activities in our spelling workbook within your normal classroom work

30 Weekly Lists
- Your fourth graders will be able to make progress on their spelling skills throughout the school year as we offer 18 words each week over 30 lists for a total of 540 words

Learning Word Meanings
- Beyond learning to spell each of the words on the list, grade four students will complete word meaning puzzles and exercises so they truly learn how to use each word in their reading and writing

Multiple Reproducible Pages
- Teachers can use the spelling test form, crossword puzzle form and take-home spelling lists to give their students extra work when needed

Spelling Tricky Words
- You'll be able to give your students more success when learning to spell tricky words like contractions, compound words, words with silent letters and multi-syllabic words with our teaching resource spelling book