Building Spelling Skills, Grade 5

Tác giả: Evan Moor

Teachers looking to give their students a leg up in their spelling skills will appreciate the activities in the Evan-Moor Building Spelling Skills, Grade 5 Teacher's Edition. This grade five spelling workbook contains 540 total spelling words split into 30 weekly lessons. Fifth graders are sure to gain more confidence in their spelling, reading and writing skills as they expand their vocabularies with our spelling activity book. The workbook has multiple teacher reproducible pages for tracking the progress of the gr. 5 students throughout the school year.

Spelling Progress Tracking
- With the reproducible pages in our spelling workbook, teachers can use various tracking forms to make sure individual students are staying on track each week</P>

540 Spelling Words
- Each of the spelling lists will give fifth graders 30 different words to learn each week, giving them a full school year worth of activities to complete

Dictation Sentences
- Our spelling list words each have three dictation sentences included with them to help students learn how to use each word in a sentence, gaining context

Activity Book Exercises
- Young students can learn the spelling words through work like crossword puzzles, finding missing word games and word meaning activities

Working with Tricky Words

- Among the words in our spelling lists are contractions, blends, compound words, words with silent letters and irregular plurals