Building Spelling Skills, Grade 6

Tác giả: Evan Moor

First-grade students who need a boost in their vocabulary or who want to strengthen language skills will benefit from the Evan-Moor Daily Language Review Grade 1, Teacher's Edition. The 36 weeks of daily lessons for young elementary students include 136 pages of language activities like grammar and usage, capitalization, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary word meaning and relationships and acquired vocabulary skills. Each daily activity is designed to require 10-15 minutes. The materials support the most current standards and provide practice of the Conventions of Standard English and Vocabulary Acquisition and Use for grade 1.

Language Skills Practice
The language skills covered in the lessons include punctuation, verb tense, conjunctions, word meaning and more

Short Practice Sessions
Covering each lesson in the Evan-Moor Grade 1 only requires 10-15 minutes each day

Grade 1 Level
All of the language skills activities in the book are aimed at students in first grade

Updated Materials
The materials in the book include support for the most current standards and skills practice

36 Weeks of Work
The book includes 136 pages of activities, enough to cover 36 weeks of daily work