Language Fundamentals (Grammar - Vocabulary), Grade 4

Tác giả: Evan Moor

Evan-moor Educational Publishers, 2013. – 240 p.
e-book quality.ISBN 9781596731646Language Fundamentals, Grade 4 will give your fourth-graders the grade-appropriate practice they need for a broad spectrum of language skills - grammar, sentences, mechanics, and more. You'll love the test-format review pages and the sentence-editing exercises where students apply the skills to writing. Super companion for Daily Language Review, Grade 4.Skills practiced include the following:Grammar Skills: common, proper, & possessive nouns; prepositional phrases; present, past, future, & present progressive tense verbs; subject-verb agreement
Sentence Skills: declarative, interrogative, exclamatory, & imperative sentences; compound sentences; complex sentences; run-on sentences
Mechanics Skills: capitalization, abbreviations, commas and quotation marks in dialogue, end marks
Usage: double negatives, definite and indefinite articles, frequently confused words
Vocabulary: synonyms, antonyms, base words, prefixes, suffixes, word meaning
Paragraph Editing: After practicing a skill, use the corresponding pages in this section for application to student writing. Students edit and correct paragraphs with common errors.