SPIDER October 2016

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SPIDER October 2016 single back issue.

SPIDER October 2016

Cover Art by Lee Hodges

Leaves are turning orange and brown, days are getting cooler, and nights are getting longer. It’s the perfect time of year to curl up with a good spooky story. In this issue of SPIDER, you’ll meet hair-raising haunts, goofy ghosts, and… a witch shopping for groceries? Read a monster love poem, get lost in a Halloween maze, make shadow puppets, put on a mystery play, and even learn how to play Midnight Mummy Bowling. This month’s tricks and treats include:

Scary Shadows by Nathan Ariss

Won’t You Be My Frankenstein? By Neal Levin, art by Mark Rogalski

Simone the Private Fly: The Monstrous Slumber Party by Cassandra Rose, art by Alejandro O’Kif

Midnight Mummy Bowling by Evelyn O’Connell, art by Hector Borlasca

Samson by Kristian Johansen, art by Brian White

Shadow Play by Robert Clark, art by Dominic Catalano

The Witch Who Couldn’t Order In by Andrea L. Mack, art by Lars Leetaru

Goblin Magic by Kemuel DeMoville, art by Christina Ellis

And a Halloween matching game called Old Ogre

Regular Features include: Doodlebug & Dandelion, Spider’s Mailbox, Spider’s Corner, Ophelia’s Last Word, Buggy Bulletin, Mind-Buggler, Spider and the Gang, and The Fun-Zone.