Storytime Issue 34 Superhero Supermarket

Storytime is a brilliant story magazine packed with fun stories and gorgeous illustrations.

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We have folk tales, tales from around the world, and even feature a brilliant classic children’s book in each issue.

Each issue is crammed with full-colour illustrations, specially commissioned from talented illustrators from all over the world.

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What’s more Storytime is a great way to get kids reading stories for pleasure, which plays a huge role in children’s confidence, development, vocabulary and reading ability, and most of all of course, it’s simply fantastic fun!

If you like children’s stories, you’ll love Storytime. Come and join the adventure today! 


Storytime Issue 34 is a Superhero Special! Fly through the aisles of the world’s best supermarket, swing a hippo to the moon, get tangled up with an elephant, take on a wicked sorceress, meet Jupiter, get the better of a gossip, rock out with groovy gorillas and buzz along with our busy bees! Super-powered reading guaranteed!

In this issue:

Superhero Supermarket
The Bees and Jupiter
Nana Miriam and the Hippo
The Magic Flower
Alphabet Zoo: G
The Tittletattles
White Buffalo Calf Woman